Thursday, 11 September 2014

All in a day's work...

Here's a speedy round-up of my day yesterday... It didn't seem like so much until I looked through all the photos!

This little devil cost about the price of a small coffee at your large, international coffee house.

The absence of which, however, cost £230 in damage that had to be repaired because one of the rear brakes on Wookie's car ("Scooby") locked up, causing the discs and pads to require replacement.

We recently helped Wookie's Grandpa with his audio visual woes when the DVD portion of their expensive amplifier system decided to die. We installed their recording device, got them a new DVD player and desperately tried to understand the complicated (and unnecessary) way the system was wired when it was installed.

And, since Grandpa is 92 years old, I set about drafting explicit instructions on how to perform the variety of tasks that is required of the new system. The system that includes four different remotes. The system that, depending on which stage of the operation you are trying to perform, requires the remote in question to be pointed at one of two very different places in the room.

And then I laminated them, because, well... I wanted a laminator. It was on my wishlist. And besides, they'll last longer this way, no?

This was the drive over there last night (to miss rush-hour traffic - in the van because the car is broken) for laminate delivery and discover/rectify why the stupid recording device kept switching itself off (and the signal to the televisions in both the living room, where the box is, and the bedroom, which makes no sense at all. Hence my earlier comment about the wiring system being unnecessary).

Shout out to PC World/Dixons/Currys/Whatever they're called these days, though. 

You're idiots.

I tried to help Grandpa over the phone when this issue arose the other night (very shortly after we'd left from setting everything up, thankyouverymuch) but the owner's manual for this specific product isn't. available. online.

And the next day when I emailed the company (because, well, there are no phone numbers to use if you need assistance. Heavenforbid!), they couldn't be bothered to respond. YAY. (/sarcasm)

Decaff coffee... I have a love/hate relationship with this substance that started when I gave up all caffeine. I feel like I shouldn't want it, but I do and then when I make it, most of the time I don't drink it all.

Yesterday, however, I added some of this little beauty's bounty and ... wow ... Yum!

(I still didn't drink all of it, though. Sigh.)

And I'm almost through organising and listing all of the books (about 50 in total) that I will send to Amazon for them to sell.

This is quite a bittersweet process, I must confess. I love the idea of starting over (hell, how many times have I done it already??) but I don't like the idea of never having used most of these things.

I don't like the idea that in these boxes are traces of a once promising future in medical science. A dream that, while wonderful, was with me all too briefly.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my life as it stands. I just can't help lament the loss of something that never was but that could have been. Something that tried to be.

My To Do list:

Which isn't my entire To Do List. It's just the things that I need to do before I work on any of the others.

There's a reason I haven't allowed myself to actually draft my *entire* To Do List. *shudder*

Please allow me to suggest you:

Simmer coconut milk, medium curry powder, garlic granules, herb salt (I use "Herbamare" UK link / US link) in a pan...

Add chopped spinach and protein of choice (to date I've used pork, chicken and tofu - all delicious) and viola! You're on your way to sharing my crown as "Undisputed Queen/King of Flavour".

Cooking meats in the coconut milk not only reduces the overall fat content of the finished dish, it makes the meat really tender. I advise cooking the tofu separately, however, and adding it just before serving the dish as otherwise, it will just become mush.

Simmer to reduce (I used two tins of coconut milk and reduced by more than half) and serve with rice or noodles. What I serve it with depends on my mood, I've even served this with fried gnocchi.

The leftovers will be devoured at lunchtime today by a more-than-happy-to-oblige Wookie (who gave me a high-five when he tasted the dish last night).

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