Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A quick catch-up...

1. I've joined Twitter!

No, seriously. I have.

You can find my ramblings here.

I've even gone so far as to follow BBC News (BBC News Twitter account) in an effort to become more informed. As you likely know, I don't watch the news or read newspapers or look at news websites.

They're too depressing. As a side effect, I am often ill-informed of current events.

Now, I can see little snippets of headlines and decide what I want to learn more about (or not) and it flows with my feed as does everything else. If I miss it, I miss it.

2. I made cinnamon rolls!

No, seriously. I did.

3. I've written more of my book!

No, seriously. I have. (Aren't you getting tired of questioning everything I say?!)

I currently have 5979 words typed and a fair bit more than that written, waiting to be typed up.

4. I've eaten *delicious* vegan pancakes!

Wookie made them for me. His first foray into "American Style" (fluffy) pancakes and they were *perfect*.

Unfortunately for him, he has created a very hungry and eager Pancake Monster that will require regular feeding in order to maintain some semblance of peace in this house!

Poor fellow.

5. I became angry at the English language!

(Seriously. This is a word?!)

6. I started a starter!

A *sourdough* starter to be more precise. Using this method here.

So far, it's looking quite promising. (At least I *think* it is... My little colony isn't yet self-aware. Unless they are and are so far advanced that they've even discovered how to hide the fact from the humans in the house...)

What have *you* been up to?

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