Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A new era of bully

Very rarely will you find me ranting in writing.

My thoughts, my opinions, are fleeting. I am a reasonably intelligent, sentient being whose mind is often changed with the influx of new information, new discoveries, even through being corrected.

Because of that, I don't gush negativity (in ways other than verbally) very often as there's a permanency in writing things down that doesn't mesh with my own view of the knowledge and opinions I hold.

Now, however, I feel compelled to *write* somethings I've never even *said*, I feel so very strongly about the subject matter.

Here goes!


Right, disabilities aside ('cause that's a whole other can of worms) Kanye West's actions of late are "not OK" to quote a set up from the TV show The Last Leg.

I, personally, don't see me attending a Kanye show (and couldn't even before this, to be honest) but if I were at *any* show and the featured artist(s) demanded everyone stand, I may or may not join in depending on my mood.


Would I then be singled out, embarrassed, *bullied* because I simply didn't *want* to stand?

What if, though not "disabled", my arthritis is acting up?

What if, though not "disabled", I have an inner-ear or blood pressure issue that makes it difficult to stand?

What if, though not "disabled", I'm a paediatric oncology nurse who just finished a twelve hour shift where three patients passed away?

What if, though not "disabled", I'm heavily pregnant, sprained my ankle, have a really bad case of flatulence and would really rather just not move. At all. For the time being.

Are these things not OK?

Of course, I understand the atmosphere of a large arena concert can promote camaraderie, a feeling of "belonging", even mild to moderate euphoria.

I've been there. I've experienced it.

And when asked to stand, to this day, I can't think of a time when I haven't.


But I never wondered what would happen if I just didn't stand.

And now I might have to?

I could attend an event and wonder during the evening if my having:

  • purchased a ticket
  • made the journey
  • stood outside in the queue
  • supported the concessions (and probably merchandising, too)
  • and am present at the event
... is going to be enough for the performer(s)...

Or, if their egos will be so large that I'll be called upon to go above and beyond to placate someone whose worth I've already validated, in a sense, with my actions listed above.

Will I have to wonder if the artist(s) will be so self-involved that thousands of screaming fans isn't enough? Thousands of screaming fans on their feet isn't enough?

What's next? Berating and bullying the general public for not having purchased a ticket in the first place??

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