Monday, 26 July 2010

A quick catch-up! (photo heavy!)

So, we're back from our (first) two-week excursion and while I don't have a lot of time for a fully detailed post, I can share some pictures of some of the sights we saw along our "tour" of Sweden (Stockholm, Halland and Skåne)... (don't forget you can click on the photos to see them bigger!)

This is for my aunt... "her" restaurant in Stockholm

For one of my sisters, "her" restaurant in Stockholm

Me, sitting atop one of the concrete lions that guard the Pedestrian Only Zones of Stockholm

Me, trying to be "artsy"... a noticeboard in Stockholm

A gratuitous cock picture (Stockholm)

I needed to snap a shot of this, my thus far favourite, bit of graffiti because it made me laugh... only to turn around and on the wall behind me, spot some "interesting", anatomical drawings!

A shot from the front deck of Mr B's Mormor's summer home (bordering the west coast of Sweden... the Kattegat Sea, between the North Sea and the Baltic)

Aforementioned deck... with some love

Our path down to the beach

Photo Op

Calming waves


Summer sky

(l to r) Mr B, Me, D W-B, (another) Mr B (the bro-in-law)
(note the glasses in the foreground? They'd been there for several days by the time we left, the poor, deserted things. I decided not to crop them in case you might know to whom they belong *grin*)

A pretty lichen on a concrete post

And now, meet "Steve". This is the Chocolate Cherry cake I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to make vegan by replacing the eggs in the recipe with cherry jam. (Well, in my defence, it worked -really- well with some cookies ;) )

The result is some sort of..... goo.

My brother-in-law named it Mana and it's a name that makes me smile. Perhaps when I actually figure out what to -do- with the stuff, I might just name it "Mana" (I'm thinking some sort of candy-type-thing. The In-Laws certainly LOVED the way Steve tasted so I may be in the first developmental stages of a new creation. Watch this space!)

And a picture of Steve being pulled... Totally *not* cake-like!

And here's Steve, completely vertical. That scares me a little. He's not even shifting!

And that's all I have (to post, I have -tons- more photos) and I'll be sure to update again as soon as I can. (I've still got pictures to post of the crafty purchases I made, after all!)

Take care, all! Until next time....

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