Thursday, 8 July 2010


... now that I've delivered the other two items I've been working on lately, I can post them, too!

Jobey asked for a Rosary for fashion reasons and was very specific about the colour she wanted:

And this a "just because" gift for a very dear friend whose middle name happens to be "Rose" *grin* I'm subtle like that...
Both girls were very happy to receive their necklaces and these aren't the first I've made...

The first one I sold (to S):

The first one I ever made for my daughter N for her First Holy Communion:

Now that these beauties have so many more meanings and uses than originally intended (thanks, Madonna and Madonna and David Beckham!) do you need one?

Just to remind you all Mr B and I will be away for a while so my posts will be sporadic at best over the next month-ish but please do email me as normal :)

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