Thursday, 14 August 2014

This week...

This week, I started making home-stuffs that will help, not only save the environment, but also money in the long run, too!

The first item I made is a "Swifty" (Ravelry link) for our Vileda mop. It's not the same as the mop of the original pattern but the dimensions are (thankfully) very similar.

The pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines (Amazon UK link) and I should have paid attention to the errata (available on Ravelry under the pattern details) because I messed it up. I'm not frogging it, though, as there's no reason to. I'll just know better for next time. (Mental note: I also need to add the errata to the book to prevent this next time.)

I've begun knitting the second one already, even though I still need to weave the ends in on this one and add the buttons, but I'm modding the pattern so that it's knitted in one piece as I'm using only one yarn (colour) and it's so much easier (I think, anyway!).

I also plan on making some Mitered Hanging Towels (Ravelry link, pattern is available for free) and several things from their first book, Mason Dixon Knitting (Amazon UK link).

On Sunday I got to sit outside and enjoy some gorgeous Autumn weather...

On Monday, I had a wonderful friend over for lunch, gossip, movies.... generally just hanging out and it turned into some impromptu cooking lessons.

Fakin'. (Vegan bacon) Recipes all over the internet (though, I don't use any "nutritional yeast" when I make mine).

Served with noodles in a home-made (oat-based) creamy sauce...

Dessert wasn't *quite* so successful. I haven't really baked since we moved in March (Gasp!) and I didn't know that some of my ingredients hadn't survived...

Those were supposed to have been cupcakes. Sigh. (Notice the wonky one? I decided to make that "a design choice" because when the paper flipped as I was filling it, I couldn't be bothered to mess around with righting it. Poor thing.)

They turned out OK, though... Even though the frosting messed up, too. (I *really* need to re-stock my baking cupboard!)

Later that day, I made myself some yummy (Vegan!) dinner based on this recipe here (I rarely follow a recipe by rote so I modded this quite a bit. If you want details, just ask!) and it was *really* scrummy!

Yesterday, I sat with a pile of felt...

And began masterminding this year's entries for "Bad Bow Tie" night at the annual family holiday... This will be Wookie's entry...

Mine needs a few more ingredients, the likes of which I plan to procure this weekend.

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