Thursday, 20 May 2010


Mission: Impossible "Chocolate Fudge Pie" - a review

The other day I had a realisation that everything does, indeed, come full circle.

After hunting for a home-made vegan white chocolate recipe, and stumbling upon the blog of one Hannah Kaminsky, I realised here lay a potential wealth of knowledge about vegan baking.

I did a little more searching and discovered that she not only blogs about baking vegan but she's written a cookbook (also available at, too) and has several e-books!

I quickly purchased some of her e-books and ordered her printed cookbook (don't tell Mr B!) in an excited I-can't-wait-to-make-that-and-that-and-that.... kind of frenzy.

Today after work I made her "Chocolate Fudge Pie" recipe from her e-book called "Mission: Impossible Pies".

This is the result: (don't forget to click on the photos to see them larger!)

The finished texture is velvety, just softer than (not as firm as) a cheesecake and a couple of degrees softer than pumpkin pie but holds it's shape well when cut.

The important part: How does it taste???

It's quite a smooth taste... the "cream cheese" adds a nice balance to the chocolate and the sugar.

Mr B and I ate ours with fresh blueberries and had we not -just- had dinner probably would have had considerably more than we allowed ourselves just now!

(Mr B was heard to proclaim/sing "more more more... how do ya like it? more more more...")

Each of Hannah's gorgeous e-books are $5USD and worth every penny, I say! Her site uses Google Checkout which I, personally, use onmorethanblue and think is fantastic, but she also accepts PayPal! (I love when businesses do that. It makes my life so much easier... there's nothing that annoys me more than shopping online while sitting comfortably on my sofa only to have to jump up to grab my purse for my card details!)

It was only while searching Hannah's wonderful blog that I realised she's also the designer of something I fell in love with a -long- while ago (late 2007 when I got my special invitation to the world of Ravelry).

I fell in love with a little crochet pattern for the cutest birds you've ever seen.

I love it when the connections between the seemingly random things in my life become apparent.

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