Thursday, 13 May 2010


A Journey of Chances

So here it is.

My first(ish) foray into the blogging world (I've had a LiveJournal account for -years- now that I barely use and am trying to forget) and I hope to keep it painfully honest and continuously updated.

In this blog I plan to share with you all my journey(s) into some large changes in my life:

1. I'm slowly (sometimes -painfully- slowly) starting a small baking company making vegan-friendly sweet treats for Vegans, Veggies and Omnis alike.

I'm investigating becoming registered with The Vegan Society but A. it will take a while while I gather all of my ingredient lists and spell them out and B. I will need a few orders before I can -afford- the cost each year (thought -just- a few, which is wonderful!).

This is something I feel strongly about; being a vegan-friendly baker and something I. Will. Not. compromise on/with.

Some of you have already met my cupcakes and cake balls and have covered me in wonderful praise (thank you thank you thank you) so I know there's a market out there (even if it -is- sugar-hungry friends who want freebies)! And you all have signed yourselves up to be my victimstest subjects, I hope you're aware and prepared.

2. I'm strongly, seriously, studiously, solemnly, soberly *insert other appropriate S words here* considering a life change to vegetarianism and possibly even "graduating" to Veganism.

Anyone who knows me knows I have some serious issues with food already: severely allergic to milk, peas, lentils and shellfish. I am intolerant to yeast, peppers, cucumbers and iceberg lettuce. I can't eat most fresh fruit or vegetables. I can't handle raw foods (must wear gloves) and I can't even eat raw, vegan-friendly cookie dough! Raw flour makes my throat itch! (I can't eat honey from countries other than my own as they make me sneeze!)

There's something else you might not know... When it comes to meat and animal products "on -my- planet" chicken comes from a bush... beef grows on trees... and pork is a gourd. Yes. When I eat those foods I have to pretend they're veggies otherwise I feel nauseous and can't eat them without being sick. Literally.

So, I don't like meat, can't have dairy products, am not wed to products like honey, eggs, white sugar* so why -not- go that extra step? Why -not- delve right in to a lighter, arguably healthier way of eating? A kinder way of living?

In short: because of the food-related issues mentioned above. I -must- consult with a dietician (or other somesuch health professional) before embarking on something so -vast- to ensure I don't damage myself in my quest to help.

Also, The Hubs is staunchly Omni and I don't want to change -him-. I want to change -me-. That fact in and of itself will mean a -major- adjustment and consideration.

So, here is the start of my journey. My journey of chances. Care to meander with me?

It won't always be sweetness and light. It will often be cynical. I will have set backs. I will burn batches of cookies.

But I promise you this, my darlings, it will always be honest. It will always be me.

Until next time,
Mrs B

*Yes, my darlings, white sugar in the US is largely made using animal products! I shall spare you the details. Kind of me, no?

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